Ceva organizes Gumboro Symposium in Budapest January 2012

Innovation in poultry health will be driven by combining the latest biotechnology solutions with improved hatchery application and services.

Budapest, Hungary, January 19-20 2012:

The city was selected to host the symposium as recognition of the huge contribution made by Hungarian scientists such as József Marek, Aladar Aujeszky and Domokos Derzsy to veterinary biological research and development. These scientists were all members of the Phylaxia Research Institute, the origins of Ceva’s current European biotech campus, which is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.

The Symposium was a unique opportunity for more than 250 professionals from all around Europe and some countries from Africa and the Middle East to meet with some of the Worlds leading experts in immunology, poultry pathology, incubation and vaccinology. The group was able to discuss the latest strategies for the control of Gumboro disease.

Ceva provides a wide range of solutions to protect avian populations, whether it is by using conventional methods, immune complex or vector vaccine technologies.
Sylvain Comte, Ceva’s Poultry Marketing Director commented, “We are delighted with the success of TRANSMUNE, which during 2011 helped to protect more than 6 billion broilers. Whether our customer is a small scale producer or a major integrated group, the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your day old chick arriving from the hatchery is going to be protected against Gumboro for live is a huge step forward .”

Ceva is now ranked as the no.3 global producer of poultry vaccines and where possible encourages their use in the hatchery through its CHICK program that combines the use of vaccines, together with the latest equipment technology and back up services.

Philippe Bidegain, Operations Director - Western Europe in opening the symposium said: “In our new slogan “Together, beyond animal health ” we set our desire to work more closely with our business and scientific partners to meet current and future health challenges. We all have a major role to play in feeding a future population of 9 billion plus people. For this reason Ceva organized the Gumboro Symposium to share the most recent experiences on Gumboro disease control. ” 
All the scientific information presented at the symposium can be found at www.transmune.com

Last update: 24/02/2012

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