Ceva Workshop at the European Buiatrics Forum November 2011

Challenges in cattle reproduction was the focus of a workshop organized by Ceva Santé Animale as part of the European Buiatrics Forum which took place in November in the French city of Marseilles.

Libourne, November 2011:

Around 150 participants gathered to listen to three specialist speakers. Dr Irina Garcia Ispierto , a researcher and lecturer at the Spanish University of Lleida, reported on recent data concerning the use of eCG in anoestrus dairy cows. Prof. Patrick Lonergan from University College Dublin presented an insight on the role of progesterone in pregnancy establishment in dairy cows. Highlighting the link between Q fever and reproduction, Dr Philippe Camuset , a French veterinary practitioner, shared his experience of Q fever eradication in a dairy herd through vaccination.

Milk production has evolved drastically in the past few decades. With dairy cows giving ever higher yields, this can reduce conception rates, in turn one of the key factors in determining overall profitability on dairy farms. To keep producing milk at such levels, or even increase yields further, we will need to improve our knowledge of the ins and outs of cow reproduction.

Cattle reproduction, one of Ceva’s areas of expertise, is complex. The company is supporting a range of research initiatives in this area. A dedicated team works with independent scientists to identify the latest findings and then organises events to share this information with veterinarians. The EBF workshop allowed the participants to get a clear picture of the advantages of using hormone supplementation and Q fever vaccination to better manage cattle reproduction. Feedback from the participants praised the high level of scientific interaction achieved through the workshop.

Ceva: an expert partner with half a billion turnover

As scientific knowledge progresses and both farming methods and veterinary practice evolve, Ceva Santé Animale is committed to keeping our customers - veterinarians, researchers and livestock owners, aware of the latest information. Ceva regularly brings together experts from research organisations and specialist veterinary practices to share their views and questions about topics where we also have expert knowledge… In the past 6 months, the swine respiratory pathogen Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Q fever and human and veterinary cardiology have all been discussed. These expert symposia have always been very fruitful for participants as well as for the speakers themselves and fit perfectly with Ceva’s slogan: “Together, beyond animal health ”.

Ceva Santé Animale is one of the top ten veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world . It specializes in the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animals, ruminants, swine and poultry. The company’s world headquarters are in Libourne (France) and it is present in over 40 countries with 11 R&D centers, 17 production sites and 2,543 staff around the world. Over the past two years, Ceva’s annual sales have grown by 34% and are set to reach over €530 million in 2011.

Last update: 24/02/2012

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